Early this October I had the opportunity to leap into a spontaneous, solo adventure to the charming city of Tbilisi in Georgia. When you travel alone, it is automatically implied the extreme freedom to move at your speed. This gave me plenty of time to fill in my sketchbook!

I don’t dwell into observational sketches too often and usually draw from photographs in my own pace. However, of late, I have been fond of putting down details as I see them in real. I draw in antique blue ink with a fountain pen– the Lamy, since this allows for two different thicknesses in one nib.

Here are some of my sketches:

Georgia 1

The first morning sketch over a breakfast of Khinkali (dumplings) and a cappuccino with the lovely view of the City Square overlooking Metekhi Church. As you can see in the architecture of the Church, it is very distinctive in its orthodox principle, devoid of ornamentations.

Georgia 2

A ride in the city’s cable car, brought me to a hill top where a short trek later, I reached the entrance of the Botanical Gardens. I liked how the railing of the staircase sort of anti-framed the ticket cabin. The ink has turned to black – as I have mentioned, this was an impromptu trip and I forgot to refill my pen with the blue ink. Luckily, I had a temporary black cartridge in hand.

Georgia 3

Tbilisi has wonderful graffiti and sculptures hidden in some of the most random places. I call this “The Flying Man”, I tried to capture his intense joy in his flight (no hands, but a cloak for wings). Birdman, much? The chill in the air stiffened my fingers quite a bit and I wasn’t able to complete the details in the wall of creepers behind.

Georgia 4

The Street corner of Bambis Regi – two long buildings frames the curved street that is filled with outdoor cafes and art galleries with plenty to do during the day. I’m quite happy with the way this turned out, loose and flowing. Perhaps, I might put in some watercolour over a print.

Georgia 5A daily dose of Saperavi, the local wine, helped me stay warm during my visit. I found a quaint Irish Pub (Dublin) with its characteristic brick and cozy wooden interiors.

I also kept in hand a postcard sketch book which is perfect for watercolours. I was able to draw and since I posted them while I was travelling, I didn’t have a chance to scan them.

Postcard scene 1 Postcard scene 2 Postcard scene 3


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