Ripe Market 26.02.16

The last session of the Urban Sketchers Dubai, was held at the Ripe Market in Zabeel Park. Given that the winter here in Dubai is extremely short, the meetups have been arranged to make the best use of the outdoors while the weather lasts!


The Ripe Market is an organic food and crafts setup every Friday during this season, attracting large gatherings with plenty to eat and shop for. Since I started a new sketchbook at this session, I attempted to draw out in a comic book sort of format depicting a few scenes to set a story.


Much of it at the market is set up as stalls with a tent structure, cotton top and picnic tables under it. However, some are also found to be unique setting aside from the crowd. Given that the grounds is a park, much of the seating arrangement overall is temporary using recyclable containers.


The F&M stall that you can see on the first drawing was literally a large wicker basket on the green grass, complete with handles on the side! The Yumtingz food bus accommodated the kitchen and cashier through a window access with seating for customers at the back.


Half way through my sketch, it started to drizzle causing splashes over my fountain pen ink. I think this has added a pleasant effect with an honest portrayal of the weather!

Ripe Market 1Ripe Market 2

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