Sketching in Jordan

Over an extended weekend holiday, I visited lovely Jordan. I was caught between capturing photographs vs. drawing on location and juggled between the two!

The landscape of Jordan is over rolling hills which allows for viewing sights at various levels. This is something I haven’t come across before and was keen to capture as my sketch on the first day.

Jordan Day 1 amman

Here you may refer to the setting with the actual photograph:

Sketch and pic 1

A stopover was next at the Citadel with some fascinating ruins from Roman and Byzantine times. There is much composition to capture here and it is an enjoyable walk, I might add!

Jordan Day 1 citadel

I have been trying to follow a comic book strip format in my current sketchbook which is quite large (A3 size). This has helped to add in bits of doodles/notes at the end (as you will find in the piece about the ticket).  I have also started working with different coloured inks this time to break the mundanity, in comparison to my previous drawings which were only in antique blue.

The second day was reserved purely for Petra! I love how the walk builds up the visitor’s anticipation, especially before reaching the Treasury. If you have visited or have seen photographs of this structure, you will find there is a narrow walk between the rocks with a glimpse of half the façade, finally opening up to the massive scale to gaze in awe. I wonder if it was designed with this intention in mind.

Jordan Petra 1

I happened to be very careless before I left that morning and missed packing my stationery in my hand bag. Sometimes you can plan well in advance and still forget a major detail in execution! There are Jordanian children along the way in Petra who offer to sell guides, jewellery and donkey rides. One of them, offered his ball point pen and saved my day.

Sketch and pic 2

The next sketch at Petra was at the Royal tombs.

Jordan Petra 2 royal tombs

Here, I have another interesting incident to share: a Bedouin (local of the region) found me drawing in the shade of a rock and offered a pot of tea. It is his tent with goods that stands ahead of the tombs, in the next photograph. A very kind gesture from another stranger!

Sketch and pic 3

My final sketch at the Petra with a view towards the rocks and some bamboo:

Jordan Petra 2 paved

Just the three for Petra, wish I had the energy for more. It his highly recommended to stay at least for a night at Petra and visit and admire the sights at a leisurely pace.

My last day in Jordan was a mixed bag with stops at Mount Nebu, Bethany and the Dead Sea. Some of it were in a group tour and hence, I had about 3 minutes for each sketch. Which is why you will find them unfinished. My favourite of the day was the Dead Sea, of course! It is as serene as serene can be.

Jordan day 3

The experience in travelling alone in Jordan was marvelous, to sum it up. Kindness of strangers, befriending new acquaintances along the journey are some of the unforgettable memories from my trip.


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